Technology can aid a young child’s development


Technology can aid a young child’s development

A group of educational specialists and scientists across China and the US have highlighted the benefits of using new technology even with the youngest of children. They say that even though some people might have concerns about the proliferation of technology amongst children, there are also positive attributes, especially when it comes to a child’s learning and development.

Before basic skills have developed

Even children who are unable to write or read yet can gain benefits from devices such as Android tablets and laptops. They can learn skills from using these forms of technology that will assist them later in life. You can introduce them to concepts that they will require as they get older, such as the ability to program. This can be seen by the way they put together a set of simple commands when using a touch screen. As they develop their educational understanding, they can then put these concepts into practice in more advanced ways.

Putting the ideas into action

This concept of using technology for young children has become an important factor amongst the “maker movement”. This consists of a group of people who are fascinated by making things and are encouraging the younger generation to become involved. They work with a range of devices, including 3D printers, to help with their creative skills. Joining in with these groups gives young people the skills they will need to develop in the future and shows the wide-ranging benefits that technology can offer.

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