Being creative doesn’t have to be a chore

Paint pallet with brush

Being creative doesn’t have to be a chore

Young children love to get messy and put their creative energies into art and craft activities. However, this can seem like a recipe for a lot of mess and stress for parents. We often leave creative play to childcare and school settings, but you can learn to enjoy these activities at home without getting stressed. Many early learning goals involve creativity, and engaging with your child on this level can develop a range of abilities.

Choose the right time

For creative play to be successful, you need to make sure that you take everything out at a convenient time and not when you’re too busy to help. Before you start, cover any furniture or flooring and dress your children in appropriate clothing. Provide them with a range of paper, paints, glue, and craft materials and simply let them use their imagination. You can also work around a particular theme, such as a season, celebration, or special event.

The less messy way

If you want to develop your child’s creative side without having to make a mess, there are some fantastic online resources that you can use. There are educational sites with specific preschool games that involve colour as well as a range of apps for both Android and Apple devices wherein children can use different colours to experiment. Once they understand the principles of the activities, these are areas they can confidently explore themselves.

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