More children using tablets to watch TV

Child using tablet

More children using tablets to watch TV

A recent study has found that almost ten million people in Britain use their tablets and smartphones to watch television. At the same time, official data shows that tablets are becoming increasingly important amongst children.

Taking over from laptops

More people are now using devices other than the television to view their favourite programmes. The TV Nation report, which is an annual study from Thinkbox, found that 17 per cent of consumers now watch TV programmes on their tablet and another 2 per cent watch them on smartphones. This has jumped from a combined total of only 5 per cent last year.

At this rate, tablets will overtake laptops as the second most popular method for viewing TV programmes; currently, 23 per cent of people use laptops for this purpose. There might have been an increased use in tablets, but the report also highlighted that 55 per cent of viewers still only use the television.

Tablets important for children

It is amongst children and young people that the biggest rises in the use of different forms of technology can be seen. They are becoming adept at using technology at a young age, enabling them to access a wider range of content.

Amongst children, tablets have taken on greater importance than televisions. In the last five years, there has been a drop of one third in the number of children who have TVs in their bedrooms. According to data from Ofcom, over one third of those between five and 15 have their own tablet; this figure has jumped from 19 per cent in 2013. In addition, 11 per cent of those between three and four had a tablet; this marks a rise from only 3 per cent last year.

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