Making writing fun for boys

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Making writing fun for boys

A study by the National Literacy Trust has found that boys could be hampered by an unwillingness to write when they are not at school. This lack of interest in a key area of their learning could be preventing them from making the most of their life. The good news is that there are several ways in which parents and teachers can encourage this group to develop their writing skills.

Lacking the interest of girls

The survey of children between the ages of eight and 16 found that one third of boys rarely or never write outside of school unless they are completing homework. Meanwhile, only 18 per cent of girls fell into this category. In fact, one third of the girls who were surveyed wrote daily, whereas just 21 per cent of boys said they did the same.

The Trust believes that this lack of interest in writing could be preventing some boys from reaching their full potential. The more that children write in any form when they’re not at school, the higher their writing ability will be when they finish primary school.

Tackling the issue

If you have children who lack enthusiasm for writing, you need to find ways to make it more fun and interesting for them. Giving them a reason to write, even if it’s just cards or a shopping list, might attract their interest. Alternatively, you could try to find a topic that they’re passionate about and set up some tasks or educational games around this area of interest, such as writing a review of a film or a profile of a football player.

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