Imaginative ways to keep children occupied over Christmas


Imaginative ways to keep children occupied over Christmas

Christmas can be a hectic time for parents, with last-minute bits to get ready and organise. Children can pick up on this change in the atmosphere and become even more excited over the big day. That’s why it is smart to have a few ideas for fun and exciting activities that can keep them occupied while you’re busy.

Create their own decorations

All young children enjoy arts and crafts, so why not choose some Christmas-themed activities to keep them busy during the holidays? With a few bits of paper and accessories, they could create their own unique table decorations or design some new ornaments for the tree. There are also plenty of toddler games they can make themselves. Why not try building your own Father Christmas or Snowman bowling game? All you need are a few old bottles or toilet paper rolls, a bit of imagination, and a soft ball.

Entertain the family

Christmas day is usually a time for the entire family to get together, so why not task your children with thinking up ways that you can all have fun together? They could design a Christmas-based charades game and come up with a list of phrases, programmes, films or songs for everyone to act out.

Get cooking

The holidays are the perfect time to make some Christmas treats for everyone to enjoy. There are a range of Android and Apple apps that contain recipes for cookies, buns, chocolates and sweets, all with a festive theme.

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