Getting the right benefits from a tablet


Getting the right benefits from a tablet

If your child has recently received a new tablet or you just want to make better use of one you’ve had for a while, there are many ways to take advantage of the benefits these devices can provide. Tablets are an excellent educational and entertainment resource for children and should be viewed as an important component of their learning and development. This type of technology is becoming more widespread in schools, so it is vital for children to develop the skills to use them effectively.

Adapting to their age

The use of tablets and the type of apps and games that are available needs to be tailored to meet the age and educational needs of the individual chid. If you have more than one child, you can group the different apps you have according to the ages of the children. This will enable them to quickly access those that are most suitable for them. There are a number of preschool and toddler games that you can download as well as apps that have been designed with older children in mind.

A multimedia resource

Tablets have a wide variety of uses that go beyond simply providing entertainment for children. As well as being able to access a huge variety of educational apps, including phonics, maths and problem solving games, you can also use tablets to encourage drawing and colouring skills. Through Wi-Fi and 3G connections, you can access the extensive online libraries of educational videos and television programmes to constantly provide them with new experiences.

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