Entertaining children on long car journeys

Children in car

Entertaining children on long car journeys

If you’ve got a long journey coming up over the festive period, it can be hard to keep young children entertained. However, a bit of careful planning can make the journey far less stressful.

Quiet activities

Sometimes it’s nice if children can keep themselves occupied for a short period of time, enabling you to concentrate on driving or organising directions. Before you leave, put together a pack of activity books to keep them busy. This could contain anything that your children are particularly interested in, such as stickers, small puzzles, and colouring supplies. You could create your own miniature Lego set in a plastic container that is easy to transport. It doesn’t need to contain too many pieces, and you’ll be amazed at what they can create.


There are many different travel games that you can play in the car, from those that require your imagination to card or magnetic games. Try playing car bingo, where the first person to spot all their items wins, or have a go at the traditional eye spy. For slightly older children, you could try some fun educational games that use the alphabet. For example, see what words you can come up with going through the alphabet or try to think of countries that begin with each letter.


If you have a tablet or iPhone, download some new apps that are fun and educational. You could also include a few of their favourite programmes or films as well as audio versions of books they enjoy.

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