Do parents need communication lessons from nurseries?

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Do parents need communication lessons from nurseries?

A recent report from the Fair Education Alliance suggests that nurseries should provide lessons to parents on how to talk correctly to their children. They feel that this initiative would help to bridge the gap between disadvantaged children and those from wealthier backgrounds.

The education divide

The Alliance, which is a group of organisations and charities such as The Prince’s Trust and Barnardos, wants everyone to have an equal education no matter what background they come from. Their report, “Will we ever have a fair education for all?”, indicates that there is currently no equality across the board. It states that a child who receives free school meals has a one in 2,000 chance of being accepted to an Oxbridge university.

These figures are backed up by data from the Millennium Cohort Study, which shows a gap in learning and vocabulary skills at three years old. This study compared the standard of children whose parents have no qualifications with those whose parents have a higher standard of education.

The use of parenting lessons

The Alliance believes that teaching parents the benefits of communication could bridge this gap and reduce the degree of inequality that is currently noted in the education system. They want nursery staff to become champions of the cause and work alongside parents, showing them how to use language more effectively and helping to develop early learning skills. The scheme is currently on trial at a number of Barnardos’ children’s centres.

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