Keeping young children safe on the internet


Keeping young children safe on the internet

As technology continues to evolve, the internet is becoming an increasing part of our lives. We use it as a learning resource, for business reasons, and to shop. It is important for children to develop the skills needed to use the internet, but it’s also crucial for parents to maintain their children’s safety online. There are lots of fun and exciting learning opportunities that children can benefit from as long as they are using the internet in a safe and appropriate manner.

Accessing the internet

There is nothing to prevent toddlers and young children from using the internet, but they should be supervised whilst doing so. When your children are young, you should sit alongside them when they go online. As they get older, you can leave the computer or tablet in a family area where everyone can see what they’re doing. You should also set up the internet filters on your browser or device to ensure that they don’t come across any sites that contain adult content. It’s a good idea to save appropriate sites for them so they can be easily accessed without having to search.

Using apps

There is a wide range of apps available on Android tablets and other devices that offer plenty of ways for children to learn. Before allowing your child to access the tablet, you should initialise the child mode, which will stop them from accessing anything they shouldn’t. It can also prevent them from purchasing any paid apps or making in-app purchases, which could quickly run up a large bill.

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