Develop your child’s love of reading

Reading a book

Develop your child’s love of reading

It is important for children to develop a fascination with reading early on in their lives. This not only helps them to enhance their language skills, but it also feeds their creativity.

The way in which we interact with books and other reading materials is changing, with a hefty increase in the use of electronic devices. However, we shouldn’t see this as a bad thing. Any opportunity to get your children interested in reading is beneficial, whether it is through a traditional printed book or with an iPhone or Android device. As long as your children enjoy listening to you read and go onto love reading to themselves, it will be useful.

Any time is story time

We often assume that reading a story to our children should be reserved for bedtime. However, this isn’t the right moment for every child. It is better to pick a time when your child particularly enjoys listening to you read, even if this is when you’re away from the house. This is when e-readers and tablets can be helpful; you can pick up a book anywhere without having to carry a variety of books around with you.

Bring stories to life

Regardless of how you choose to read to your children, you need to enhance their imagination by the way in which you tell the story. This can involve using different voices and looking up so that they can see how your facial features change. If you’re feeling particularly imaginative, you could even add your child into the story.

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