Developing your child’s speech and language skills

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Developing your child’s speech and language skills

All children develop at different speeds, but by the age of two, there are certain words that experts believe children should know. Children who develop speech later than their peers do not necessarily have a major problem. However, picking up on any issues early enough can reduce the impact they have on a child’s development.

Assessing your child’s knowledge

The Language Development Survey has highlighted 25 key words that toddlers should know. These include mummy, daddy, juice, hello, no, and biscuit. On average, a two-year-old will have a vocabulary of around 150 words from the 310 words listed in the survey. Children who know fewer than 50 words at this age might have an issue. Generally, there isn’t a huge cause for concern if your child is a late talker or has a small vocabulary, but occasionally this indicates other problems such as deafness or dyslexia.

Helping your child develop

Parents are one of the main sources of a child’s learning and development during the early years. Understanding your child’s current level can make you aware of any areas where assistance is needed.

If your child is a late talker, you can use pre-school games to help increase the number of words he or she knows. It is important to encourage children to talk at every available opportunity, and parents might want to look for interesting and fun ways to develop their skills and enhance their vocabulary.

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